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Vantage Teaching School Hub

St Mary’s College is proud to have been designated as the regional Teaching School Hub for Hull and East Riding.  Operating under the Vantage name, our Teaching School Hub works with schools across the region to provide continuing professional development (CPD) for local primary and secondary teachers throughout their careers.  

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Vantage Teaching School Hub delivers training programmes and qualifications for teachers that form a ‘golden thread’ of professional development as they progress from Initial Teacher Training (ITT) through the Early Career Framework (ECF) and then on to National Professional Qualifications (NPQs) for leadership.

Since the majority of our trainee teachers find employment in Hull and East Riding, they benefit from continuity of training and support from Vantage. This is particularly important during the two induction years that all early career teachers (ECTs) are required to complete: Vantage not only coordinates and delivers the Early Career Framework training and support for these ECTs and their mentors, but also acts as the ‘Appropriate Body’ overseeing their statutory induction.

Once their induction is complete, Vantage Teaching School Hub helps teachers progress through whichever pathway they choose and provides support for their  development in all phases/types of school across the region by providing continuing professional development opportunities, networks and qualifications. Vantage Teaching School Hub helps to create a professional community of teachers and works hard to ensure that the core content of any training and qualifications it delivers is brought to life and made relevant through deep, contextual understanding so that it speaks to teachers and leaders’ experiences across the region.