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How to Apply

Recruitment for our 2024-25 teacher training places will commence on 10th October 2023 and continue until all of our places are filled.  Please be aware that places in some subjects can fill up rapidly.   If you are interested in finding out more, please contact us on or call 01482 808804 (Monday-Friday 9am-4pm).  

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Before you apply

Before you apply, you need to ensure that you meet the course requirements for teacher training.    You should also seek to gain some school experience so you are sure that you are making an informed decision about teaching as a career choice and have chosen the phase / subject to which you are best suited.  

We would also advise that you look at the helpful information provided on the Department for Education's Get into Teaching website which includes detailed advice about the different options for training, teacher salaries and benefits, and the funding available.   They also have a team of advisors on call to answer your queries.   

Starting your application

You will find all of our primary and secondary teacher training courses on the DFE Apply website.   When you apply, you can specify a particular placement school at which you would like to train by applying via this location.   If you are successful, we will then be able to take this preference into consideration.   On the other hand, you may prefer to make an open application directly to VNHTT and not state a location preference.   Either way, we will ensure that you are placed at schools where we are confident you will be in a supportive learning environment where you can thrive as a trainee.   

When completing your personal statement on your application, we advise you to check our person specification carefully so that you can include relevant information about your motivation, personality, background and experience which demonstrates your suitability for a teaching career.  

How we select trainees

Once you have submitted your application through DFE Apply, we will contact you to arrange the next steps.  These include: 

An interview. 
You will be interviewed by a member of the Vantage leadership team and one or more senior teaching colleagues from a partner school.  The interview will explore your motivation for teaching, your understanding about the role, and your curriculum and subject knowledge.   The panel will also be considering factors such as your enthusiasm, honesty, communication and interpersonal skills to assess your suitability.   

A mini lesson.   
You will be observed teaching a small group of pupils.  Full details will be provided in advance so you can prepare.  

A skills audit. 
You will be invited to sit a literacy test so we can check that your ability to write with accuracy, clarity, structure and precision.   We also have specific audits to check subject knowledge for applications for English, Mathematics or Music teacher training.