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Why train with us

Our primary and secondary ITT programmes have been carefully designed to provide the best environment for you to learn and develop as a trainee teacher.

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Immersion in school life - VNHTT is a School-centred Initial Teacher Training (SCITT) provider.  This means you will benefit from being fully involved in your placement school community so you feel like a member of staff and are treated as such by pupils and staff alike.

Incremental introduction to teaching – You will not be ‘thrown in the deep end’. Instead our gradual, supportive approach will help build your classroom confidence as you begin by observing, move on to team-teaching, and then start to deliver lessons on your own with a timetable that grows over the course of the academic year.

Carefully structured and sequenced programme - Our ITT curriculum interweaves professional studies, pedagogical training and subject-specific development to make your learning journey towards to QTS as logical and intuitive as possible.

Wide-ranging school experience - Arranged to ensure you gain contrasting and useful school experience, you will spend two terms in your main placement and one term in your second placement school. In addition to this, you will also benefit from other school experience visits to gain a better understanding of primary/secondary transition and special needs education.

Intensive training in key aspects of teaching – To help you master some of the most important elements of teaching, the course includes four intensive training and practice weeks focused on: establishing and maintaining positive behaviour and building good relationships; clear explanations and modelling; giving effective feedback; and adapting teaching to meet pupil needs.

Strong mentoring – Like all our trainees, you will receive weekly 1-2-1 mentor support and guidance. Our mentors are carefully selected on the basis of their experience, expert classroom practice and interpersonal skills, and they are given detailed training and guidance so they stay up-to-date with developments in education and teacher training.

Expert colleagues in high-performing teams – Robust quality assurance measures are in place to ensure that our trainee teachers are only placed in high-performing teams. This guarantees you will be able to observe and work alongside expert colleagues who are experienced, effective and confident classroom practitioners so you can learn from the best practice.